The results of our dialogues are documented in a detailed report, updated each quarter. Quarterly reports facilitate communication with beneficiaries and other stakeholders, as well as PRI assessment exercises.


In 2019, we led engagements with 66 companies, out of the planned 69 dialogues, on behalf of our clients. The three companies
that refused to answer our meeting requests were Targa Resources, Marathon Petroleum and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

The most frequently discussed of the 13 themes:

climate issues (transition, energy management, or climate resilience) – 80% of the companies in the engagement plan
employee management, human rights, or diversity and inclusion – 40% of the companies in our action plan
 local community relations – 20% of the companies

We also continued our discussions on other issues, such as product responsibility, opioids, plastic management and data
confidentiality management.

In 2019, we made progress in a bit more than two thirds of our dialogues. This statistical increase since 2018 is proof
of the impact that engagement generates after a few months.