The results of our dialogues are documented in a detailed report, updated each quarter. Quarterly reports facilitate communication with beneficiaries and other stakeholders, as well as PRI assessment exercises.


We held dialogues with 61 companies in 2020, and none of the companies targeted by our 2020 engagement plan refused to meet with us. We discussed 16 ESG topics, including human-related issues (human rights, management and well-being of employees, and diversity and inclusion) with 66% of the companies, and climate issues with 61% of them.

We also continued our discussions on other important issues including the following: product accessibility and responsibility; plastic management; chemical substances and pesticides; and cybersecurity/data privacy.

In 2020, we made progress in 80% of our dialogues and achieved at least one goal for 44% of the companies. These impact statistics show an improvement compared with 2019.