NEWS - Climate Action 100+ Launches a New Tool To Assess the Alignment of Focus Companies With the Goals of the Initiative

Published on March 23, 2021

CA100+ has announced the launch of the Climate Action 100+ Net-Zero Company Benchmark, a new tool to assess focus company alignment with the goals of the initiative. All individual assessments are now live on their website, along with a complete set of assessments in Excel format which can be sorted by region, sector, and achievement of specific sub-indicators.

While CA100+ are encouraged by the progress reflected in these assessments, the Benchmark also highlights gaps where companies need to make significant progress to align with a net zero emissions future. Read about the key takeaways from the Benchmark results in the press release here.

Æquo leads three dialogues (Enbridge, TC Energy and Imperial Oil) as part of this collaboration of 545 investors from across the planet, around an engagement plan tailored to major GHG emitters on a global scale.

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